Notice: As of 2022-05-11, ChocolateClash has been split into two sections.

See the changelog for more info. Basically, now, FWA will see a different, completely independent set of effective league associations and player colors.

This change/compromise was approved by all leagues 11 months ago.
I'm very sorry this took so long to implement.

Going forward, please bookmark and use either or instead of this domain. This page itself is going to stay as a permanent disambiguation page for the subdomain-less domain.

If you have complaints, questions, or suggestions, post on the forum.

~ kuilin

PS: ChocolateClash costs me ~$80/month now to host, and I get $19.06/month in donations. The remainder, and the opportunity cost of me taking time off, are costs I personally pay. If this site helps you, please consider pledging a few dollars to my Patreon.
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