Are you a Clash player who wants to find a farm war clan to join? Here's a list of a few actively syncing clans that are not full* for your perusal.

I hope you will find a clan you'll comfortably fit in! If you do join a clan from this page, please mention that you came from here, so we can gauge how effective this method of recruitment is. Thank you!

Official FWA

Battle Day (50) - Open Clan - 49/50
0 trophy requirement
227 wins - 1 ties - 272 losses
Total Donations: 4,111

💎FWA💎 🇧🇩official BANGLADESHI FWA clan🛑show FWA base upon entry⚠️USE both atk in war⚠️follow all the clan mails✅Donate each others🍼 OUR main FWA clan ➡️ CHATKHIL CLAN #J9RCY8UG ...
War10rds (9GUCVRPG)
Official FWA

Battle Day (50) - Invite Only - 49/50
1000 trophy requirement
656 wins - 28 ties - 486 losses
Total Donations: 5,602

💎Official FWA💎🎈Air clan🎈
📌Donations 1:3
🎖️CWL in satellite clans
🏆70 Attacks per season
Man Of Steel (JRRVCJU8)
Official FWA

Battle Day (50) - Invite Only - 49/50
0 trophy requirement
285 wins - 9 ties - 220 losses
Total Donations: 5,016

💎OFFICIAL FWA💎👑The Kingsmen Family👑🙏🏼🔍Recruiting🔥TH12-TH13🏛️🗣️English ONLY😇😎FARM and Chill🍺📢Use both Attacks⚔️ 🏆Clan Game✅CWL✅Gold-Pass🎁✅ DISCORD:-ubbk8nT Looking for some Pure Farmers😊
War Farmers 25 (LJ2CPG28)
Official FWA

Battle Day (50) - Invite Only - 49/50
0 trophy requirement
398 wins - 0 ties - 534 losses
Total Donations: 676

💎Member of Farm War Alliance (FWA)💎 War opponent,PIease visit us for a talk.Recruiting TH11/+. we don't do cwl.
Barch Wars Loot (PRP29G00)
Official FWA

Battle Day (50) - Invite Only - 49/50
800 trophy requirement
383 wins - 0 ties - 560 losses
Total Donations: 4,116

CWL for the top 30.
Please show FWA base on entry.
PG rated chat.
New members: keep donations positive until 1k. Mainly looking for social and active th11/12s. ‼️

None of these clans feel like your future home? the page!

If you're a clan rep and would like to opt out of this, please ping kui.

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